The Top 4 Nashville Party Ideas for Groups

Whether you’re in Nashville for a bachelorette party, a birthday, a work event, or just a good time—there’s plenty of fun things to do in Music City. One of Nashville’s top tourist attractions is the party bus. From party barges to tractors with trailers to hot tubs on wheels, this city is chock full of party bus options you & your group can choose from. But how do you choose the best party on Broadway in front of all the Honky Tonk bars? There are certain things you might want to consider, like which party bus operator has live entertainment! How can you have the most fun on wheels? A fun, safe experience is a top priority when you select your party on wheels. We’ve put together this list of the top party buses in Nashville to help you decide where to start your weekend in the city. You should considered three key attributes—uniqueness, fun, and safety!

The Big Drag Bus
The Big Drag Bus

1) The Big Drag Bus

It’s no surprise we honored the BigDragBus with the #1 spot for best party bus to take in Nashville! The Big Drag Bus has created something distinct and entertaining in a crowd of party buses! We were the 1st and ONLY Nashville Party Bus where Drag Queens are your guides!! We offer a truly unique experience that sets itself apart from other party buses you’ll find here. 

Whether it's a bachelorette, birthday, divorce, going-away party, or simply a Saturday—Big Drag Bus is the perfect plan. Grab your favorite beverage when you check-in and enjoy a cruise filled with ice breakers, performances, laughing, singing, & dancing in downtown Nashville. Big Drag Bus is great for public or private groups looking for a different type of fun entertainment compared to the typical loud music you’ll hear on Broadway. With a professional sound system, built-in ice coolers behind the seats, & LED/laser lights—Big Drag Bus is a nightclub on wheels! Tours are 90 min, but expect to spend about 2 hrs 15 min to accommodate for check-in, pre-drinks, photo-ops, & use restrooms before leaving. 

Must Knows:

  1. Approximate cost is $45–$50 per person
  2. Ideal for groups of 10–25 people
  3. The only experience with LIVE entertainment on EVERY ride
  4. Bring some cash to get the tips flowing during performances! 

The Nashville Tractor
The Nashville Tractor

2) The Nashville Tractor

The Nashville Tractor is a popular choice for small groups & quick tours of Nashville. These party bus tractors plow down Broadway, giving guests the chance to see the sights. They come equipped with a large sound system. Tickets are about $40/person for a 75 minute-long ride. A number of guests have left reviews of canceled tractor rides due to overbooking or no availability, so it’s always good to call and confirm your departure prior to committing. The Nashville Tractor is primarily standing-room only. While on this lively party bus tour, you’ll become part of the Broadway spectacle. We recommend the Nashville Tractor if you are looking to party on a large open-air tractor with amazing views of Broadway.

Must Knows:

  1. Cost is about $40 per person
  2. No catering options available for private parties
  3. No LIVE hosts to keep your party going 
  4. Been featured on MTV reality shows

The Nashville Pedal Tavern
The Nashville Pedal Tavern

3) The Pedal Tavern

The Pedal Tavern  is the veteran of our list when it comes to party rides. Groups have been pedaling these bikes all around Nashville for several years now. This bike holds a max of 15 passengers. There are different routes you can choose for your 2hr trip, with bar stops included. Looking to try the #1 party bike in Nashville? If you have a group of less than 6, the public tour is the ride for you! Between Music Row & Lower Broadway, you’ll pedal the famous streets of Nashville. Experience live country music, all day every day! Your driver will have a curated playlist to get you pumped up while you pedal, sing and dance during the ride. 

Must Knows:

  1. Cost is about $50 per person
  2. You have to pedal these yourself!
  3. Ideal for groups of 6-15 (smaller groups!)
  4. Been in the party game the longest

The Pontoon Saloon
The Pontoon Saloon
4) The Pontoon Saloon

Looking for unique alternatives to a party bus? We’ve got you! The Pontoon Saloon, like Big Drag Bus, offers an original, unique experience! You get to party on the water! Enjoy a full 2 hours on the water and see downtown Nashville from the Cumberland River. Catch a fresh breeze, cruising at 10 knots while partying with new friends on this party Nashville barge. Pontoon Saloon offers catering options are available for your private events, too! The vessel holds a max of 45 passengers so it’s great for groups larger than 25! The boat has plenty of room to dance and mingle & includes a bar, ice, cups, and coolers. 

Must knows:

  1. Cost is about $55 per person 
  2. They offer public and private tours.
  3. Ideal for large groups up to 45
  4. A unique way to party